Are these jerseys real, and if so, how do you source them?

Our designs are guaranteed to be 100% authentic.  We purchase our jerseys in bulk, directly from China.  To get these cheap prices, we purchase designs that are slightly less recent.   Unfortunately this means that Premier League designs will become available in December (when demand is low), rather than at the start of the season (when demand is high).  We therefore buy jerseys when the manufacturer clears its inventory for newer designs.

Soccer jerseys come from six major sources: Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Morocco, Vietnam and China. Contrary to popular belief, almost none of these "Official" jerseys are manufactured in Europe; almost all are made in Asia.  You can go to registered dealerships and check their tags to verify this for yourself.  

Is there a guarantee on these jerseys?

Absolutely!  At TT Jersey Store we put the customer first.  If for whatever reason you are not satisfied with your jersey, we will gladly exchange it for another item.  Sorry, no cash refunds.

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